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Factory Tour - Purewood Doors


The Purewood factory is located in the small town of Jodhpur, India where we benefit from a wealth of locally skilled craftsmen. Our 1,00,000 square foot factory site is home to a large workshop, office block, wood drying kiln and material stores. One half of our factory is dedicated to raw material processing where timber undergoes quality and grading checks, while the other half is fully equipped for door assembly.

We run a single production line where individual orders of a similar door constructions are grouped together to form timed slots, this unique system ensures that we are able to compete favourably with bigger producers, who only specialise in mass volume.

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When purchasing a PurewoodWooden Door you can rest assured the design will match seamlessly with the other standard doors in your home. All of our doors are available in 45mm thick.

Purewood Doors


Flexibility is our strength and small production runs are our favourite. Whatever wacky ideas you or your architect have in-mind, let us be part of it, we can put the technical information you want right in front of you.

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A variety of renewable species including oak, Teak, Beech and Tulip woodare available from our wood-stock. Each bundle of timber is selected for your order by hand, resulting in a remarkable level of consistency and grain tonality throughout your doors, while still retaining their natural beauty & the characteristics of the chosen material.