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Care Instructions

We understand the value one has for their beloved piece of furniture especially when it’s a natural element like pure wood, it becomes more than evident to have proper knowledge on taking its care.

Door and window


For natural Oak,Teak, Beech Wood finishes, stains may be removed with a light-grade sandpaper, followed with the application of a natural beeswax to finish.

Note: Slight variations in colour may occur so please test on an inconspicuous area first.

Do not apply beeswax if your piece is unwaxed (such as grey wash, white wash or teak wash).


Clean with a dry soft cloth only. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasives as these may damage the surface. Wipe up any spills immediately.


We recommend that you protect all surfaces with placemats or coasters, do not place wet or hot products directly onto the surface, and keep away from heating or cooling vents.

Do not leave in direct sunlight as this may cause the finish to fade.

Classic Hardware

Door hardware can serve a few purposes: securing your home, adding beauty and creating convenience. Learn how to find the right type of knob, lever, handleset or lock for your door with the functionality and finish that work best for your home

What Makes Us Different?

Enhance The Beauty Of Your Home With Our Captivating Wooden Doors & Flooring!

Purewood Doors stands out from its competitors in several ways. First, its materials come from premium European wood sources to guarantee superior quality and aesthetic beauty. Purewood Doors feature an innovative termite-proof treatment to provide long-term protection from pests while preserving their beauty over time. Furthermore, Purewood Doors feature unparalleled strength that ensures their resilience against daily wear and tear. Purewood Doors stand out with their commitment to eco-friendliness, employing sustainable manufacturing processes. In addition, these doors were created for ease of installation – offering convenience and hassle-free setup for customers. When choosing Purewood Doors you can trust in a product that not only looks stylish and robust but is also eco-conscious and hassle free setup!

European wood

Termite Resistant

Unmatched Strength